Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Revenge & Retribution By Those In Power Is Now The Order Of The Day - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jan 7, 2023
Revenge & Retribution By Those In Power Is Now The Order Of The Day - By Aires Rodrigues
Politicians in Power by virtue of their positions must be always ready for both bouquets and brickbats. But today’s ruling political tribe is intolerant to any criticism. They are hypersensitive and lack the spine to deal with even positive brickbats but are ready to stoop to any level to accept cheap artificial bouquets.
Those in Power should realize that their lives and (mis)deeds are under the public scanner and are more than likely to be exposed at some stage. Freedom to fearlessly fight against social ills is the very hallmark of a true democracy, but unfortunately some of those who ride to power on a contrived electorate are unable to withstand such scrutiny.
Over the last decade in particular I have had to endure a lot of revenge and retribution by those in Power. But nothing has deterred my resolve to stand and fight back for all that is right. In fact, the cheap and personal vindictiveness by the power-intoxicated has only strengthened my determination to fight back with an undeterred commitment for Goa and the injustice prevailing due to the ruthlessness of those in Power.
Amidst this current gloom, I can vividly recollect Goa’s second Chief Minister Shashikala Kakodkar who was definitely never vindictive. She respected my right to oppose some of her government’s policies and decisions. And for that I respected and always held her in the highest esteem. Despite her very busy schedule as Chief Minister, whenever I dropped by at her Porvorim residence at lunch time, she made sure lunch was served at her hands. She was more than a “Tai” to me, always very concerned about my well-being. That was the magnanimity and humbleness she always displayed which we may never see today in this world inundated with political pygmies.

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