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Cardinal’s Whip, Bad Taste, Smells Diabolic Plan Of The RSS Take Over Goan Clergy – by Oscar Ferrao
Tuesday - Sep 12, 2023
Cardinal’s Whip, Bad Taste, Smells Diabolic Plan Of The RSS Take Over Goan Clergy – by Oscar Ferrao
It doesn't sound that simple as a Famous catholic Businessman from the north having lots of attached garbage of corruption and linked to the BJP and RSS writes an open letter to Cardinal Fillip Neri Ferrao to act against the priest sighting citations from the cannon law to punish the Priests And pronto the Cardinal Acts on the letter. In both the cases the Priest were right as Per the Commandments of MOSES but Cardinal Ferrao thinks it otherwise.
This businessman was Silent while the Benaulim Church was shut for over a few months at instruction of the bishop. This businessman was quite while graves and crosses were desecrated in Goa, when on Face Book the issues of Minguel (mundcar) of St John de Baptist Church Benaulim house was demolished in spite of Fr Lucio Dias the episcopal Vicar acknowledging receipt of advance money for the sale of the mundarial land to Minguel. Besides the Unpaid dues of Sacistiao Shri. Michael Sequeira who was forced to resign and even slapped by Fr. Lucio Dias as he had known some secrete sins of the said priest. 
Didn't this business man read all these issues which attracted powerful priest close to the Cardinal on Face Book. Was he busy then and now a bekkar loddi of the RSS Chaddi Gang and is being used by them? Why was he a mute spectator to Rev Bismarck’s issue, Sale of Benaulim//Vanxim/ Dona Paula Properties by the Bishop the present cardinal? Don’t illegalities of the Bishop/Cardinal attract Cannon Laws? Why Didn't this Catholic Businessman question the Cardinal on his stoic silence on the Sancoale Church issue? is Dr Vaigankar and the taklu Senapati arrested?
Didn't the Bishop todays cardinal ask his laity to preach to the flock to vote out the corrupt congress regime in 2012? why is the bishop quite today of the growing atrocities on minorities in Manipur and other states of India? This Cardinal was a Mute Spectator when the idol of Vijaya Durga was installed and a small temple like structure erected on church premises in Sancoale? Doesn't it prove a nexus with the RSS who has taken control over the cardinal? The Bishop/Cardinal is out to muzzle the voice of his own clergyman as he wants to protect the sagging image of BJP and the RSS for the forthcoming Loksabha Elections.
It’s obvious that the Cardinal is out to save his own face from the tumbling skeletons in his closet that why till date he has not appointed his successor or spoken against BJP in goa and the businessman just a pimp of the RSS. So, what has the Cardinal to Hide?
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Friday - Sep 22, 2023
Mel bab, Goan padres mostly sided with bhatkars for the simple reason that those padres (His Eminence included) came from bhatkar families.

The only secret of His Eminence is that he's a syncretic moron who is a Useful Idiot for his Hindu "fellow Bamonns" like Parrikar. (Harsh truth is that if any of the "sickular Catlick Bamonns" are stupid enough to do gharwapsi, then they wouldn't be considered as equal to Hindu Bamonns because their Catholic ancestors didn't maintain the jati-gotra rules of Hindu Bamonn marriages. They also didn't follow any of the other caste pollution rules, e.g. avoid eating beef.) His Eminence endorsed Parrikar even after the Bamonn turd used Goan taxpayer money to produce and distribute the Priolkar history VCD in Goan schools and colleges (note that the Church in Goa didn't challenge any of the pseudohistorical Bamonn-Ghantti narrative when the VCD was released). You can watch Parrikar's video online here:

But the Bamonn-Ghantti BS narrative (forced conversions, tens of thousands killed, etc.) was destroyed by the Inquisition records as well as by the contemporary accounts of missionaries like Luís Fróis.

The Herald article also gives some relevant information about his Eminence:
"The first Aldonkar to fall foul of the Inquisition was Lourenço Ferrão of the third vangodd. He appeared at the auto-da-fé at the Sé Cathedral in 1592 for consulting sorcerers and sacrificing goats and roosters at temples." According to the Inquisition procedure, it means that Lourenço Ferrão had been denounced to the tribunal by other Goan Catholics. History repeated itself centuries later with this Aldonkar's direct patrilineal descendant:
"He (Fr. Saluzinho) alleges that Goa Archbishops’ palace is involved in practice of witchcraft that is forbidden by the Church."
Thursday - Sep 14, 2023
Nice link, where a current Pope dug up his predecessor from his grave and put him on trial- Cadaver Synod

The only good thing now is that in Goa the layman is now also a madarchodd, with people from humble backgrounds such as Alemaos and Hampri Lobo leading the charge. In old times it were the bhatkar and padre who were madar-chodds while the common man was God fearing and law abiding, village simpletons.
Now everyone is a madarchodd and everyone is making his own deals and everyone wants to be a Patrao...equality is glorious in one way!!
Thursday - Sep 14, 2023
The Roman Catholic Church, specially in Europe, historically has ALWAYS sided with the rich, the ruling elite and the aristocracy. Always meddled in politics, Palace intrigues and instigated wars and crusades. Besides being a magnet for Paedos to abuse kids on an industrial scale.
The Goan Church is no different. In Portuguese times, they sided with the bhatkars and the Portuguese administration amd worked closely to keep the munkars or masses under control.Given that in the current Goan scenario Modi and BJP are supreme, it's not suprising that the Church Lords have decided to bend over and lift their cassocks
That said and done, they are like the Goa Police. Overall decadent and corrupt BUT there are a sizeable number of staff or Priests who work hard,look after the layman and do a great job. As Goa is a tiny place with a small population, a handful of good Priests are more than enough, to guide the masses and make a positive change to the lives of the masses. I have fond memories of several ( not all) Priests, since my school days and will always respect them.
The rest, like Rahul G tiger prawns and black label whisky, just lived a life of luxury and debauchery.
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