Monday, October 2, 2023
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Spate Of Road Accidents A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Aug 26, 2023
Spate Of Road Accidents A Matter Of Concern - By Aires Rodrigues
The continuing loss of precious lives on a daily basis on account of road accidents is a matter of great concern. Undoubtedly, over speeding coupled with rash and negligent driving is the major cause for accidents across Goa. Drunken driving is also taking the toll. Despite seeing precious lives being lost every single day we continue to breach the traffic rules, endangering our lives and those of others.
If people firmly resolve to strictly comply with all the traffic regulations in letter and spirit by also engaging in defensive driving, we may be able to end the misery of accidents. It is horrifying that despite the enhanced penalty, parents continue to allow their minor kids to ride two wheelers which needs to be rigorously stopped. The authorities must do their part by ensuring that our roads and infrastructure are safe to drive on with effective road safety signage and traffic lights. They must exercise zero tolerance to abuse by drivers and riders and enforce the law as a deterrent and bring to book those that violate the law because Road safety is the responsibility of everyone.

So, unless every citizen responsibly does his bit to keep our roads safe, Goa will continue to witness accidents with precious lives lost. One accident or one life needlessly lost is one too many! Road safety is of paramount importance so there must be a concerted effort to save precious lives by preventing accidents that are needlessly claiming human lives every day. Prevention is always better than cure!

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Monday - Sep 4, 2023
From a fiery anti BJP activist Aires has slowly become like a PE teacher
Circus lion? another anti Govt pawn turned rogue, did they also kopas him?

One must brush ones teeth and chew ones food slowly
Be careful whilst crossing the road
Driving crash causes a bum rash
no making loud noises in public

A lil birdie from Miramar claims that Mama Aires has cut a deal with the BJP. It 's also got something with him coming out of the closet, no not as a bonkista, but as a Portuguese passport holder. Did they threaten him with arrest or deportation or as well as paid him off? Who knows and who fking cares anymore

I have no faith or hope in our Goans, specially our Catlick Goans. The rich and the poor both have become shana buggers or smart rses and are just soldiers of fortunes or mercenaries. Willing to spread their legs to the BJP for a few naiya paisa...Fk them all
Reading politics for decades now, the INDIA opposition block definitely seems to be doing something. If we had a similar INDIA block in Goa 2022, BJP would not have crossed 10 seats. With their miserable 33% vote share, that too with recent converts such as Ravi Naik and Rohan and soo many not soo recent. The real kattar BJP vote share in Goa, just like India, is well below 30% the threshold for a landside DEFEAT. Yet they won in Goa because all our Catlikcs like dukors ate BJP flavoured patal bhaji 5hit

India post 1977 and dictatorship/brutality by Indira and debauchery by Sanjay managed to unite the opposition and defat Indira.The land of Bihar, with JP Narayan lead the charge. 47 years later, it seems like Nitish will do the same thing, at least all of them are standing up to the might and brutality of Modi. Not spreading their legs, like our Goan Catlikcs
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