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When A Priest Lost His Reputation For His Creative Choreography – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
When A Priest Lost His Reputation For His Creative Choreography – By Rosario F. Rodrigues
“If the Archbishop's house ignores the acts of St. Peter at Chicalim, I mean the issue of Fr. Bolmax, then Judas was not wrong to kiss Jesus and sell Him for 30 pieces of silver.”  To uphold the unique principles of the Teachings of the Catholic Church; Dr. Fr. Bolmax Pereira should be kept under suspension under Can. 1333 §1 and Can. 1334 §2; these are one of the most common penalties that can be imposed on a priest for their character in dealing with people. The entire functioning and teaching of the Church are centred on the Code of Canon Law, if we try to enforce these great Laws within the Catholics, there will be no chance for any conflicts with anyone. 
When we believe and promote the “Inter-Religious Prayer Meetings” on various occasions, now it is our responsibility to take strict action to protect Goa’s religious harmony with the Ecclesiastical discipline and to maintain the peace in Goa at least until the CENTREPIECE of the Chicalim politics cleared by the law enforcement authorities in Goa. If not, the “Inter-Religious Prayer Meetings” has no value, it’s like knowingly giving oxygen to a dead body.  
Fr. Bolmax Pereira was very popular for entertaining Confraria with his skill of catching the snakes in Agaçaim church. In Nerul, he started a business to produce maggots (Kidde), while in Chicalim he denied the truth and makes the Rooster to crow for his choreography to become a creative centrepiece of the local politics. It is very interesting to note; is Fr. Bolmax not working in the interest of Goa and Goans? WHY did all the Diocesan and other religious priests are not supporting him, and they maintained silence towards his activities in Goa? 
Dear Fr. Bolmax, again I am saying to you, under the Code of Canon Law Section II of Chapter I Can.1740 -1752; you are a qualifying candidate for defrocking, most of all your activities are ‘GRAVE OFFENSES’; it is ‘LOSS of CLERICAL STATE', and you are qualified for defrocking for bringing grave DETRIMENT and DISTURBANCE to Ecclesiastical Communion. Why Archbishop should not take action and remove you from the parish and ask you at least to stay at your home like he did to other priests, to continue your ersatz product of activism?
I am writing here to condemn the entertainer of the Chicalim Church because I fear someone may put him to death, and if it happens, there is the possibility that his Andh Bhakts may put up advertisements to declare him as a martyr of the Church, for me, it will be a disgrace to the church and absolutely not acceptable to venerate an egoistic politician. Therefore, it is much better to SAVE THE LIFE OF AN ORDAINED PRIEST by condemning his imprudent acts, so he may live a good life to be a saint to perform miracles with snakes, maggots, and Rooster to his blind followers.
After an imperative setback at Siolim for the issue of healings, CM Dr. Pramod Sawant was again involved in a POCHPOCHIT issue of Fr. Bolmax Pereira’s dealings. SHAME –Rosario F. Rodrigues 
SOURCE; the first example was from the Council of Lerida (524). Gratian 20 cited the law which prescribed that if a priest had lost his reputation amongst his people and the bishop could not obtain proof: then the priest was to be suspended until he had made satisfaction. -The Suspension of Priests: Procedures to Impose and Remove the Penalty; the Canonist Vol 9 No 1 by Brendan Daly.

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Wednesday - Aug 16, 2023
Hi Bab Ignatius
Welcome in UK
Must be living with family/children here? Nice time and weather to visit, thankfully this summer not been that hot , soo far.
Also its a good break for the grandkids etc, to meet their ancestral roots
Have a nice time and cherish the moments
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Aug 15, 2023
Mel bab, I will go for option 5. I have a strong feeling that by hook or by crook BJP will rule India (they will not get absolute majority). There is no democracy in India, is only plutocracy. Yes I mean it, the rich are ruling India. Even the recent riots in Manipur is to help the rich for their palm oil plantation project.
Tuesday - Aug 15, 2023
So as expected, BJP have arrested some Catholics for smashing Shiv jee face
It’s a fake case but we’ll done
Next step would be to assault these Catholics when produced in court or attack their houses
Death by a thousand cuts
Sorry in old days they used to throw tomatoes on suspects, now the shiv premikas will take them home and eat then
Modi ishytle
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Tuesday - Aug 15, 2023
Hi bab Mel, I am doing well. How r u? At present I am in UK for a 2 month holiday. I will go by end September.

I know both the writer and the priest. The writer is from my village and works in USA and the priest was in our parish some years ago. The priest is highly qualified, good educator, well respected and helpful. With regard to the writer you can check his posts, if you are free, on his Facebook.
Monday - Aug 14, 2023
Somebody made a poopi on Shiva jee statue at Karaswardo…. ha hr ha ha ha ha
I am sorry, not
First of all, Mapusa is part of old conquest, where Shiva jee didn’t even lay his foot to loot and rape
Like he did in other areas such as Bengal. So why should we glorify him?? It’s ok for out Marathi Bahujan parasites to glorify him , he’s an undir from the ghats, just like them

In ALLL MY Fing YEARS in Goa and dealing with the worst of scum, I have come across a handful of Catholics who ever attacked Hindu worship sites or statues NO
So, who could have done it ?? Always look at the end game. ATTENTION DIVERTED AND PEOPLE POLARISED
Benefits- BJP
Any to talk about t he fking state of roads? The crap atal katal setu bridge? Tomato prices, rampant corruption
unemployment? nah In Goa it’s Shivaji ka ghanta
Looks like a national gameplan to stir things up , divide and rule at the micro level
So manipur it’s mreites vs kukis
haryana it’s muslim vs hindus
goa it’s shiv premikas vs catholics goondas!!!
tomato prices anyone ??? can stuff those into Modi’s and amit shah’s huge bonks
they can take truckloads each of them and enjoy making tomato pureee fagg
Monday - Aug 14, 2023
Bab Ignatius,, Lets take bets? On what type of explosion or riots Modi will plan for Lok Sabha 2024
1) A massive attack on newly built Rum temple, by the usual suspects, Hizbullah Popotallah Mujahideen. 1:4 , was top of my list but has gone down, after Prashant exposed it,
2) 1:2 A string of bomb blasts across major Indian cities, killing 1000s , again by the above Popitaal Mujahinds
3) A spectacular bomb attack caught live on TV, 9/11 style, on some major landmark with emotional value, such as gate way of India or some army base or school 1:5
4) Low level anti minority riots across the country. Small groups attacking minorities, usually the Popotallah groups. 1:1.2
5) A spectacular attack on Modi's life, he survives( as usual) but Amit Shah is killed? 1:4

Who wants to bet?

MdG feels Modi will go in for option4. The whole world now suspects him and his Godhra, Pulwama attacks etc etc.
So he will be careful about grandiose and mega attacks, which are his trademark. However he's a blood thirsty killer or maut ka saudagar, he loves killing, specially innocents , same way a dog loves a lamp post , a reflex
So he may change his strategy and insteady of killing many at one go, will set up 1000 fires across India and kill the same number. He doesn't matter, as long as he can win elections
Modi for 2024 and even 2029!!!!
As we minorities face such a megalomaniac and monster or an existential crisis, some morons are busy grinding their own axes. Trying to defrock Padris and hoping to wear those frocks, along with some high heels and red lipstick below one'sugly moustache. Bondo. Classic case of cutting one's nose to spite one's face
Sunday - Aug 13, 2023

check this link, courtesy of Bab Ignatius
in comparison this Fr issue is chillar
Sunday - Aug 13, 2023
Hello Bab Ignatius, hope all is well with you and family. I totally agree, Modi can attack and kill anyone for power, even his brothers for example
We are entering a strange period in run up to Lok Sabha 2024.For the first time, I repeat, someone like me who monitors social media and things 24/7, MODI IS FALLING BEHIND IN POPULARITY AND RAHUL IS SLOWLY CLIMBING UP THE CHARTS.
I'm still not sure why but there's definitely a trend. Three things or hatrick, seem to have knocked Modi recently
Massive Loss in Karnataka,the Manipur fiaso and joint opposition INDIA.
Think it's a combination of factors, including 10 years of incumbency, price rise, unemployment and general apathy.
The assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will set the trend as Congress seems to be on a very strong ground there.

Sadly, as Modi's popularity sinks, there will be a rise in atrocities against the minorities and more fireworks such as bomb blasts and attacks on temples etc. That's his only trump card. He, like Parrikar, won't be giving up his kodel so easily. For the record, Parrikar had 5 tubes in his body and could hardly sit but yet he didn't give up his kodel. One tube in the nose ng to feed him, one tube in the veins for medicines, one tube in his liver ptc to drain it, one tube to piss and one flatus , to sht. Still, like a parasite, he clung to the chair till the very end.
Modi is no different, he is addicted to power, like a heroin addict, he isn't going to give it up easily. Get some pop corn and coke and enjoy the titatr unfolding in next 9 months!!

prashant mhambre-- foxtrot oscar
Sunday - Aug 13, 2023
This writer is an idiot... by quoting laws one shouldn't think one is an intellectual or even intelligent, the accompanying pic seems like of someone who would struggle to pass SSC. Even a court peon can quote sections, such as IPC 420 and 302
Sadly, even the RSS BJP aka Shiv Premikas DIDN'T ASK FOR THE PRIEST TO BE DEFROCKED. They would have, if Fr Bolomax was a female, as maximum number of illiterate rapists and wannabe rapists are currently in BJP. They probably would have taken the meaning of defrocked literally!!
Sadly our own want this to happen, why? Because you have a kiddo or worm up your backside against Fr? Do you know the symbolism of Jesus being born in a manger and not a Palace? Do you know why his Father was a carpenter and not a business tycoon? Do you know why Jesus spent his time with tax collectors and women of ill repute? In his own words, only the sick need a doctor.
I don't know Fr personally but he seems to have guts and been doing things for the common man and providing a platform for them to be heard. When the opposition has been hammered or bought over and silenced. Chicalim and Vasco has become the centre for Adani and Jindal's coal with double tracking of railway, to facilitate that coal transfer to their power plants in Bellary. So was this FIR meant to silence Fr?

What would you rather want him to do? Polish the Bishops Palace and drink Blck label whisky and eat tiger prawns, like Raul? Or convert Church property and sell to Delhi builders? Or build some home for kids and be a stay at home daddy? Priests and kids...
Fr is born in Quepem, so my guess is he won't be considered the elite in the Church hierarchy? At least he's with the common man, living with them, catching snakes and growing worms, just like Jesus used to spend time with poor people.
Leave him alone, Jesus didn't make any cannon laws, no where in the Bible are they mentioned. As mentioned, Jesus was born in a manger while the Pope lives in a gold plated Palace, decorated with priceless art and filled with treasures? What have you done about this?
For the record, forget Shivaji being a God, he was not even great warrior but more like a pathetic warrior. True warriors are like the Japanese, if they lose in battle they commit suicide and die with honour. Not like Shivaji pee , who lost to Mughals and became their VASSAL or bitch and fought for them, along with his son, sex maniac Sambha or some patal bhaji.
History is 'his story', all these ennuchs now want to make the above rat a demi God. Next stop, chaiwalla illiterate paedo Modi to be made God? May be a God or God father of Nepali boys!!!
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
One of the Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan said BJP can arrange attack on Ram Mandhir Ayodha, to win the 2024 election.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
These guys made mountain of a molehill. As per my observations the complete episode of the priest is politically motivated by the ruling party because of the forthcoming election in 2024. They are sure of North seat and are trying their best for the South. It all started when they installed the statue in the middle of the road at Calangute, which is against the law. Why our politicians did not utter a word?
Cedric da Costa
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
Before we blame others, let's take a look at our own who act like 'slaves' of a political party opposed, defeated and devastated with defections by the ruling. Truth is bitter and the priests who campaigned cloak, altar and church for the party that won and sold or allowed its winning horses to trade, cannot do a thing.

Politics isn't a spiritual game, which these, powered by the mega pre election deals of the higher ups atop the Palacio will never understand. The Bolbachan-Blasphemy has been going on since Covid 19 in his attempt to abuse, demean the altar, church and a priests holy vestments to propel a loose mouthed so called 'Capitan' who claims he served the country but didn't stop from agitating at Panjim church premises during the visit of a country's President.

The priesthood of such politically aligned, sold, set, fixed and partnered priests is long lost. Again, it's a shame the higher hierarchy has not taken action on this loose mouthed front bench instigating padre, thoroughly and consistently abusing the altar. But he is not alone, there are a host of others too, many who are now living in fear.

Their agenda was to peddle fear of physchosis to the faithful and if one goes by reactions to the Chicalim shenanigans, the flock is thoroughly brainwashed to think as per their direction which is much opposite to Christ's teachings.
Time will tell.

He who cannot question the sins of his own religious hierarchy deeply sunk in the worst of corruption can never ask another religion to have a dialogue with anyone. Sad, the mob inciting from the pulpit has come full circle and the future of the church in Goa is bleak. Sad times ahead.
Prasanna Mahambre
Saturday - Aug 12, 2023
Nice Website. Coming to the point, people talk about Judas. But because of him the crucifixion and then the resurrection of Jesus Christ took place and the powers of Jesus came into light
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