Monday, October 2, 2023
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SC Should Support Those Abiding Verdict – By Stephen Dias
Monday - Jun 5, 2023
SC Should Support Those Abiding Verdict – By Stephen Dias
While the deadline of 30th June is fast approaching for linking of the Aadhaar card with the Pan Card for Income Tax purposes, it may be feared that like the Government is using CBI and the ED to target political rivals, that the Income Tax Department may use their ability to keep under surveillance those who not support the government to wrongfully persecute people in general who are not complaint with the Government.
It may be stressed that Income Tax authorities are already targeting common people and harassing them to pay Income Tax. The Supreme court has clearly ruled that linking of Aadhaar card with Pan Card is optional for bank accounts, obtaining SIM cards and filling Income Tax returns, so why is the government using the IT department to undo the verdict of the Apex court by forcing Indians to link Aadhaar card with Pan Card.
Opposition parties should file cases against the Income Tax department for trying to enforce illegally that which is not mandatory and for asserting that those who do not link Aadhaar card to Pan card be allowed to continue with their existing Pan cards and that the SC will not support the illegal linking. The SC has to agree that all Indians are not breading the law but that they will protect the rights of those that follow the SC ruling, as sensitive bio-metrics like iris scan and finger prints revelation infringe on the right of privacy guaranteed by Constitution of India.

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