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Bad Incident With The Traffic Police Today On Atal Setu Bridge – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Wednesday - Mar 15, 2023
Bad Incident With The Traffic Police Today On Atal Setu Bridge – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
A story of mine: I had an appointment with the dentist at Porvorim for my bad tooth. I was in Manipal Hospital when the dentist called and said come soon as my appointment is getting lapse. So, I rushed via Bambolim by my scooter. This was my first time that I travelled by scooter at Patto a confusing area and I took the route via Atal Vajpayee bridge by mistake and after reaching end of bridge three traffic police caught me and said that I took a wrong route. And they said I deserve a minimum fine of Rs 500. Oh my GOD I said.
I never knew that I shouldn't have taken this route. He opened the Challan book. I told the Police there is no question of 500 rupees as I can pay 5000. He was stunt and asked me who I was. I told him look I came from Hospital where my wife is admitted and due to urgency of my tooth pain I was asked by dentist to report soon as per my appointment is getting lapse and without thinking I used the wrong route unknowingly.
He said still I deserve the fine as my scooter has been tracked by camera. I said no problem but I am asking why your police allowed first of all to travel on this bridge at the entry point. These police said none of your business please pay the fine. I got angry and replied why this bridge is not been repaired and the whole road was completely damaged. Public should give fine to PWD and you are demanding fine from an innocent person?  In case if this policeman has doubts, I told him to come with me and I will prove that I am going to dentist.
These police took the Book and kept inside his scooter and told me that no fine and I can proceed.
This is my today's story. I wanted to say how police are harassing travellers

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