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No Crime If Teacher Disciplines Child With No Bad Intention: HC – By Irineu Gonsalves
Monday - Feb 6, 2023
No Crime If Teacher Disciplines Child With No Bad Intention: HC – By Irineu Gonsalves
In a landmark judgement, the High Court of Bombay at Goa, held that an act of a school teacher with no mala fide intention, to correct a child in school is not an offence. “If teachers are under fear while correcting children, it would be difficult, specifically maintaining discipline.”
I’m of old school. I still believe in the dictum ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. Punishment is needed to maintain discipline. Call it corporal punishment or whatever. Back in my days in 1970’s it would mean a solid rap on the knuckles of both hands or a knee-down punishment just outside the classroom so that all other students of the school would get to see. You either felt publicly humiliated and make correction to never repeat your mistake.
I’m sure those students are thankful to teachers who had slapped them and showed them the right way. Our parents never questioned the school when it came to discipline. With the new norm of nuclear families, we have become overprotective over our kids to the point of choking our children’s growth. We want them to have the best comfort. By being over protective have we made our wards too soft and sensitive to travel the turbulent roads in life?
Compare the present kids to the ones of the70s, 80’s,90s. They are not tough at all. The standard in sports has fallen drastically. Attend any sports meet or any match you’ll get the answer. Look at their physique. I know there are not too many takers to my way of thinking. But one thing is certain students go through various kinds of pressures and the ground reality is different from my times, but punishment is a must.

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Chitra Afonso
Monday - Feb 6, 2023
Very true Irineu bab .As a teacher we have so many difficulties to have discipline in class as today the parents take their children 's side .They never blame their child .They will blame us .But during online classes and covid time The Parents were of d opinion that schools should start at d earliest as they were fed up with their childrens behaviour at home .Imagine todays parents cannot control 1 or 2 chidren at home .Whereas we have to control 30 to 40 students in class .That too without any punishment and without a Ruler in hand .
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