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Goa Police Cracks Sessions Court Theft Case, Accused A Lawyer From Valpoi Arrested
Saturday - Feb 4, 2023
Goa Police Cracks Sessions Court Theft Case, Accused A Lawyer From Valpoi Arrested
Panjim: The Panjim police has cracked the theft case reported in the District and Sessions Court, Altinho-Panjim, by arresting a lawyer from Valpoi on Thursday. Panjim police arrested Mujahid Shaikh, a resident of Muslimwaddo, Valpoi, a lawyer by profession for allegedly committing the theft. A complaint was registered after Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Judge Ram Prabhudessai stating that their evidence room was burgled by some unidentified person/s.
According to the police, Shaikh has confessed to stealing gold and cash from the evidence room of the District and Sessions Court building on January 31. North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan said that the accused had planned to purchase a property and a vehicle from the stolen booty.
Explaining the modus operandi of the accused, Valsan said that Shaikh did a recce of the court premises for four consecutive days. On the day of committing the crime, he visited the court premises at 5 pm and hid himself in the court toilet. After everyone left the premises, he stole the gold and cash, which was kept in the evidence room as a case property. He walked out at around 9.30 pm by opening the back door, which was bolted from inside. He was captured on CCTV camera outside the court premises, leading to his arrest, the police said.
Valsan informed that the accused, who was a practicing lawyer in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, was involved in two more cases – rioting and fatal accident. When asked about the value of the stolen property, the police said that they are in the process of evaluating the same.

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Sunday - Feb 5, 2023
This makod’s parents gave him a nice name Mujahid. Arabic for one who fights for jihad or sort of holy war. Doubt if this makod ever lived by his religion, just like most of his fellow ilk. Surname is better, Sheikh! Probably been shaking all his life. Scum, who were 1% at liberation are now around 10-15%
Sunday - Feb 5, 2023
Not a NUT but a stupid nut who - even if he saw that CCTV camera - may have thought that camera was meant to take pics of only rogues and not lawyers. Ha ha ha.
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Sunday - Feb 5, 2023
This lawyer is a good supporter of Jr. Rane. The booty was huge and through some reliable source I understand that he planned after consulting the top legislator.
Saturday - Feb 4, 2023
Mental re.tard, who makes such shit lawyers?
Define irony, Father -son and now daughter-in-law have looted Goa of thousands of crores and kept Valpoi and Satari in poverty..what do we do? Nothing
Junior Rane loots GMC on a daily basis, medicines and medical machinery meant for the poorest, what do we do? nothing
Moral of the story?
Dont loot chillar, like this makod
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