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Goa Evolving As Nation’s Crime Capital - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Feb 2, 2023
Goa Evolving As Nation’s Crime Capital - By Aires Rodrigues
With burglars having dared to step into the Temple of Justice at Panaji, they have ventured into their last possible destination of crime. After all, the burglars never opt for the Secretariat or Legislative Assembly to commit a theft as some of their partners in Crime are at those citadels of Power.
We have grown in a Crime free Goa that was known for its Peace and Tranquillity unlike a Crime ridden Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Today we have surpassed those States in crimes of all types. There is a dire need to ponder and introspect as to why we have reached this current despicable situation in law and order, where the rule of law and good governance has long gone for a toss. 
But those in Power will not dare to do some soul searching on this issue concerning the well-being and safety of every Goan and our institutions, as they know more than anything else that they are solely responsible for a Crime ridden State that Goa has been reduced to. This is the hard reality, and we would be careless and irresponsible to shy away from this dangerous reality!
While the rest of us are left to fend for our own security or live in fear, our politicians for their own safety move around surrounded by a fleet of bouncers. The burning question is while crime is rampant in lawless Goa, who will protect the common man on the street, and more importantly the poorest of the poor and our cherished institutions?
Now that even our Courts have become easy prey for burglars, all we can seek is the Almighty’s blessings to Save and protect us and our land. We have long reached a point where the law enforcement authorities have been conveniently abdicating their bounden and fundamental responsibility to protect and support us and have proven time and time again to be impotent in discharging their responsibility, despite us the citizens footing the bill. God Save and protect us and Our Goa, once called the Pearl of the Orient but now competing for the title of the Crime Capital of the Nation.

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Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Friday - Feb 3, 2023
Don't worry Aires the culprit has been arrested. He is Mujahid Shaik a resident from Valpoi and a lawyer by profession. He is such a nut that he did not notice the CCTV installed in the court, which was very easy for the cops to nab him.
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