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Bosco George The Good Cop Proves To Be A Good Samaritan
Wednesday - Jan 25, 2023
Bosco George The Good Cop Proves To Be A Good Samaritan
Panjim: Goa police have restored the salary along with arrears of police constable of the 3rd IRBn Dinesh Dessai from Curchorem who had met with an accident in June 2017 sustaining head injuries which left him bedridden in the state of 100% disability.
As per information, due to the unavailability of any kind of leave balance to his credit, pay and allowances were stopped from November 2017. “We were finally able to get the order restoring his salary including the arrears. As a gesture of Good Samaritan, we, the officers of IRBn visited his residence and handed over the said order. It was indeed very fulfilling to see a smile on his face as well as on face of his mother who showered her blessings on the staff of Goa police and the staff of Chandreshwar camp for being available in their time of need,” said DIG Bosco George.
Dessai’s mother had submitted a disability certificate. The case was forwarded to under-secretary (Law)/ Home for protection cover under Section 20 under the Right of Person with Disability Act 2016. However, the same was returned with observation, ‘take action’ in matter in terms of rules in force at the end of head of office and to examine the matter in terms of CCS (medical examination) Rule – 1957.
“I immediately directed that the process be monitored by PI administration of 3rd IRBn and continuous follow up with the family,” said George, who had visited Chandreshwar (IRBn) camp at Sanguem in April last year as the commandant of 3rd IRBn and also visited the house of the IRBn police constable Dessai.
“During my visit to Chandreshwar IRBn camp, I was informed of the same. We visited him at his residence. It was distressed seeing his condition and the economic hardship. The office staff were persistently following it up with the Home Department which had rejected the request for his salary under disability act,” said George.

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