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BJP’S Over A Decade Long Misrule Is Glaring - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Jan 25, 2023
BJP’S Over A Decade Long Misrule Is Glaring - By Aires Rodrigues
In 2012 and again in 2017 the BJP had promised us the Moon, but it is over a decade of unending string of U Turns and reneged promises. The BJP failed to deliver on the ‘Parivartan’ that it had promised by way of good governance and Zero tolerance to corruption. It has been rampant corruption and scams galore. We have witnessed total nepotism and sheer display of arrogance.
The BJP had assured us of a Golden Goa and Acche din but reneged on almost every promise while also breaching every possible law. It has been governance enveloped in confusion, contradictions and controversies. The BJP vowed that Annual Performance Reports of every government department would be prepared and publicized. This did not happen. Also promised was participatory governance at village level as envisaged in the 73rd and 74th amendments, which too, did not see the light of the day. Promised was a new Agricultural policy to make agriculture more rewarding but all that we have witnessed is the continued sight of fields and hills being converted into concrete jungles.
We were assured a new regional plan keeping in mind Goa’s identity, but we have seen no plausible progress in that direction while a selected coterie of builders having a field day with constructions mushrooming everywhere without the much needed provision for basic infrastructure of electricity, water, parking, sewage and garbage disposal.
To ensure regular, uninterrupted power supply the BJP had promised in 2012 that the whole of Goa would have underground cabling in five years and that the State would be plastic-free in three years which has also not happened. The promise of a garbage management system is still a distant dream. The government has miserably failed in its promise of 12 hours-a-day uninterrupted drinking water. Escalating level of crime is a matter of grave concern while political interference in police functioning is turning Goa into a lawless State.
The BJP had promised that Professionals and not Politicians would head Corporations and other bodies but to our utter dismay, all the Corporations are loaded with political cronies. And it is a sign of very bad governance – when a state sponsors fun and frolic more so when its coffers are empty.

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Friday - Jan 27, 2023
Modi, after winning Lok Sabha, flies into delhi in 2014 using Adani’s plane
Con air??

While these Gujjus are looting in lakhs of crores, the common man gets RUm Rum Rum and babji ka ghanta
Ha ha ha ha ha
Friday - Jan 27, 2023
Bab Editor,

These Gujju Marwaris are looting us, led by Modi. They have looted in trillions, that's why, despite even not needing it, they could take 50 crores or khoka from their pocket, like chillar and buy a makod goonda like Rudolf Fernandes (even if absolutely not needed)

anyone can google --Adani, the biggest CON in corporate history--!!
Friday - Jan 27, 2023
The biggest Con in corporate history...never heard such words used, ever
ADANI Biggest con in world history, backed by his con father Modi
Thursday - Jan 26, 2023
BJP rule in Goa and India can be summed up in a few words
1) Destroy or buy off the opposition
2) Only concentrate on winning elections or forming a government by hook or by crook, mostly crook. If election campaigning and winning was a Gold medal, Modi and BJP would get gold, with no one else being able to compete! Even Babush would be a baby
3) Whilst in power, bullshit your way day in and day out, fooling the masses with propaganda and diverting their attention. With the help of their Godi media and upper kast lobby. Select a few cronies, who loot the banks and buy off all public sector stuff

Thats BJPee in three lines, whether Assam, Karnataka, MP, UP or centre..same 42000 Modi Gujurat 'moden' pormula

What do we do? Sometimes in life, just sit back and relax. All empires eventually HAVE to come crashing down. Look at the Tory rule in the UK for the last 14 years. They have ruined and divided the country, destroyed the NHS and made the masses poor and bikaris. While the rich have become richer. If an election were to be held today the Tories would be wiped out, with a large number of their own Ministers refusing to stand for elections!
Time heals as well as kills everything, just need some patience and popcorn
Like Rahul Gandhi, just chill
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