Monday, February 6, 2023
Niz Goenkar
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Many Of Our Elected MLAs Are Off Mark - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Jan 25, 2023
Many Of Our Elected MLAs Are Off Mark - By Aires Rodrigues
For a very tiny State like Goa a mere 25 MLAs would have sufficed but we have 40 and there was talk about it being increased to 60. We elect MLAs to be our legislators and enact good sound laws. But very unfortunately for India’s most literate State, of the 40 MLAs that Goa elected last March only a handful foot the bill with legislative skills and expertise to quickly and efficiently understand, deliberate and debate on issues concerning Goa and its people and to implement correct sustainable solutions with integrity and without fear or favour.
The current Legislative Assembly is an assorted lot. We have persons involved in land-grabbing, land-filling and hill-cutting. There are those allegedly involved in rape and various other criminal offences even caught up in attacking a police station. Those involved in illegal mining are also there along with ones involved in Matka and bullfights. To top it all there is a fair share of playboys making the assortment complete. Less said on the desperate political prostitution resorted by some of the MLAs we elected last year. This odd bunch is hardly a fair reflection of the decent hard working people they are elected to represent in a democracy.
So, with the majority lacking ability and capabilities which erodes faith and trust of the people, the burden shifts on the knowledgeable minority to research, raise and articulate issues concerning the State. With money and muscle power governing the outcome of elections, this sordid state of affairs is here to stay unless we elect persons to all elected bodies on merit, competence and integrity. 
Possibly creating a Guinness record, Goa elected an MLA who directly speaks to God and another one who communicates with his dead mother. No wonder Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had said "Ajeeb hai Goa ke log" (strange are the people of Goa). The Almighty God of all Faiths will never forgive these eight political bandits especially the two Draculas.

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