Monday, February 6, 2023
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Investigate Power Pilferage In Goa - By Stephen Dias Dona Paula
Monday - Jan 23, 2023
Investigate Power Pilferage In Goa - By Stephen Dias Dona Paula
Sparks have started flying about the amount of pilferage in power supply and losses due to transmission but still no answers have been forthcoming. The Power Minister should make these figures public after conducting a thorough inquiry to find out the various sources of losses. The way of calculating this, is very simple, subtract the total billed power supply from the total power that Goa receives and the net amount goes unpaid for.
It is the duty of the electricity department to be able to calculate the sources and other pilferage transmission losses. Overhead wires are the major opportunities to get illegal connections and who knows when Goa is going to achieve underground cabling. Those sources that are not paying for consumption, these figures should be made public and efforts should be forthcoming to account for all losses instead of increasing the power tariff by 6% and making the consumers pay for it. Efficient management of electricity is the best way to plug the deficit amount.
I noticed the Electricity department should be able by having pilferage vigilantes to identify consumers who are involved in power thefts especially on building constructions and who are not paying for the electricity supply use. A white paper on the cost of electrical energy coming into Goa, then the difference of cost to power supply including transmission losses should be made public. The electricity department should be able to zero in, on those who are involved in power thefts in Goa.
I noticed at various sources probably on Samadhis where meter board is seen fixed at odd place with half hazard cable loose wires and not sure whether the billing is done every month and also on religious temporary structures including illegal housing constructions are directly given connections from the electricity department sources and also at many other places by tapping on the electricity poles nearby either with dummy meter or no meter.

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Wednesday - Jan 25, 2023
This theft is chillar baba, or as Luis Proto Barbosa would say 'moad murre'
Real theft is what these gujjus and marwaris are doing to India, in trillions.
Via demonetisation, bank loan fraud, burdening people with gst and high inflation.
While keeping Govt spending to min, with no jobs and massive corruption

Check this link, only foreign based agencies and media which can report or criticise this fraud 4200 Modi Govt, Indian have either been shut down, raided or bought over

For newbies P L Barbosa was a joker MLA from Cortalim, who meandered into Medical school and became a doctor after like 10-15 years. Then became an MLA and Speaker. In 1990 he made history in India, as the first Speaker who himself DEFECTED!! tUH tuh tuh
Most corrupt and useless chap, someone offered him a few thousand in bribe money, which upset him as he was expecting lakhs and commented that this looks like chillar!!!
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