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Riff Raff Tourists Are Not Wanted In Goa: MLA Carlos Fereira
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
Porvorim: With instances of tourists misbehaving and violating traffic rules on the rise, legislators on Tuesday said that Goa’s tourism sector needs a complete overhaul to deter “riff-raff” tourists who drive down to Goa in tempos and passenger vehicles. The topic came up for discussion during the ongoing winter session of the Goa legislative assembly, on the same day that occupants of a Karnataka-registered car were seen sitting on the window to take photographs and videos while proceeding from Porvorim to Panaji on the Atal Setu.
“We are a state that welcomes tourists, but the kind of tourists that are coming, this riff-raff, we don’t want,” said Aldona MLA Carlos Ferreira. “We had international tourists who came in chartered flights. Today, tourists are coming in trax and tempos and they don’t even contribute to the economy. I think we need a complete overhaul of the system.”
The rapid growth in tourism has seen an influx of low-budget tourists driving down to Goa. Such tourists usually arrive in buses, cook and eat along the roadside and sleep in public gardens or in the bus itself. Tourists have also taken to driving rental vehicles onto the beach, prompting the tourism department to declare such activities as a nuisance.
“They drive in any manner, they hang out of vehicles, they do stunts. We want quality tourists. We don’t want tourists who cook on the roads. The governor should have taken care to address this situation,” said Ferreira. Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai expressed similar concerns. “Goa has got drunk tourists, those who drink on the beach, create disturbance and created a mess,” said Sardesai.

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Wilson Soares
Thursday - Jan 26, 2023
Cristo is right. We cannot select what kind of tourists we can welcome to Goa. If we dont have strict rule enforcement, everyone takes advantage. So wake up Minister in Charge and do the needful and teach some manners that we have in Goa.

Otherwise Goans will have to take action in their hands and stop the nuisance thats going on specially in public places like the beaches etc.
Blandino Viegas
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
@Francisco Fernandes Basilica stones falling down, Basilica roof kept open, People build bungalow in Old Goa Heritage site, someone expanding bungalow, Madkaikar built bungalow close to or in Old Goa Heritage site, ASI least bothered of Heritage structures, most importantly Basilica and others. Now Fr. Patricio Fernandes is incharge of Basilica and The Old Goa Churches. What was he doing when Shaina started building bungalow close to or in the vicinity of Basilica and in the Heritage site property ? And what was Bishop doing ? There is some other side of the story we don't know. And now all of sudden why pin drop silence ? I don't know what Vijay Sardessai can do now to demolish bungalow. When authorities are hand in gloves they buy lay men women oops activists too. Such is our position. All barking.
Rupesh Pednekar
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
We do not need any such tourists of indian culture in Goa. I have seen them misbehave in Goa and meddle with Goans after drinking a lot. Ghu khaire indian tourists.
Francisco Fernandes
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
@Blandino Viegas We always say Public memory is short. His Party treasurer Lotlikar and his wife bought property attatched & passed that project to UNESCO SITE when Formalin was the TCP minister, that too by showing another photo/Structure from Pernem as the existing old structure.

How easily one can play with the religious sentiments of the people that too with the most loved sacred place of Amcho Goycho Saib. Do you known know another illegal structure is expanding next to Basilica illegally. Requesting U to have a look. They don't listen to anyone and all authorities are hand in hand - their intention is clear by doing all this as U say one day OLD GOA will be out of UNESCO Heritage list.
Gustavo Clovis da Costa
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
Absolutely right, Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira is doing a great job,he studies the matter well and only then he speaks on the subject, he is a true Legislator. Only a few Legislators cannot save Goa and Goans,it is the duty of every Goan,irrespective of caste,creed or religion,to unite and change the present corrupt political system.
Blandino Viegas
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
@Pedro De Melo Pereira Pun tim bannxirim aplem kam korun ghelim. Da billam pass kelim zap kadinastanam. Urlam kitem ? Attam Sanad lagona ou lagchem nam mun Bill pass kelam. Attam Goenchem kitem zatelem ? Mellear fond kadunk lugar ascho nam. Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira law xikoita tankam. Pun te xiktele ou tachem aikotole?
Pedro De Melo Pereira
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
Tenchea khannsulachér tapttam poddttai tim, tencodem salvaar korunc zainat. Na mhunnon himaat na liponc. Kottént nakk bullovun morpachem. Lôz naslolim baannxirim
Blandino Viegas
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
Reginald achem tond xiunlam motte sutan. Tezi zap bond zalia attam. Aum zananch aslom tho jump martolo munon. Konnank poixe naka ? Anvem muntlem zaum poixe kortolo. Noxib ugodlem porachem. Alex Sequeira dusro motlobi. Part time Speaker zallo. Bosient podpachem assa. King Momo toch. Tich zat ti. Goem sambhallunk azun kon uprasorunk nam. Jezu etolo dista maka Goem sambhallunk. Rozar koria. Tuzem Americak son pautelem. Mojhem Goem-ant tuch tan. Tuzem borouop vachlelem dista anvem. Ami kitleim boroun, kon aikopache nam. Goenkar tosech. Anik anik kitem mun korunk zata ? Khal Xencor Polgi munta RG cher patiopachem. Munta regional party. Masala kitem tem taka kobor nam. Padda podon. Nosfar nada.
Cristo F'des
Sunday - Jan 22, 2023
We cannot choose the type or class of tourist swe want. What we can do is strictly enforce our laws, rules and regulations. Our inability to enforce the law is giving a wrong signal to these domestic tourists who cone to Goa for cheap thrills and enjoy the lawless culture prevailing here. Once we strictly enforce the law better class of tourists will follow.
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