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Goans Beware!! Atam Khorench Bhiupachi Goroz Asa!! – By Irineu Gonsalves
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
Goans Beware!! Atam Khorench Bhiupachi Goroz Asa!! – By Irineu Gonsalves
Do not believe in the tamasha staged by the BJP and its allies in the Assembly. The stand of the Opposition in the Assembly opposing diversion of MADEI waters was certainly genuine, but, after having betrayed Goans over MADEI, the hypocritical stand of the BJP is truly appalling.
Goans will be utter fools if they get carried away with the stage-managed show the BJP put up to fool us. A little bird told me, there is already a tacit understanding between Goa BJP, the Centre and the Karnataka BJP. Karnataka Assembly elections are around the corner. The Centre care two hoots about our problems as Karnataka sends 28 MPs against Goa’s 2. Meanwhile, Goa government will keep the pot boiling to fool us.
It is high time for Goans to launch a fulltime peaceful agitation all over Goa. Let’s awaken the true blue-blooded Goan diaspora, spread across the world. Let it create a big echo. The only language the Government understands is the language of agitation. Let the agitation, now start speedily. Mere protests by Goans in Goa will be like harmless thunderbolts!
Do we have leaders that can make the government surrender before people’s power? Elections have become meaningless in our country. The BJP wins even when it loses. By the time the protest ceases in Goa, Karnataka will have diverted the MADEI waters. UTT GOENKARA! GOENCHO FUDDAR KITEM? ATAM ZALEAR KHORENCH BHIUPACHI GOROZ ASA!!!

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Dr. Ferdinando Dos Reis Falcao
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
POPPY has no say. He has to do what the Master tell him. Na zalear, haddam melpak na kutreak.
Moreno Rebello
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
The Madei river flow in goa has reduced drastically, this is visible if one goes and visit Valpoi or other areas from where the Madei flows. we must act fast and prepare ourselves to save what little is left of the Madei river. Amchi Madei Amkam Zai.
Adelmo Fernandes
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
Time is of essence. Time is running out for Goa. Karnataka is going on with the project. Goa government is non committal on a time frame to solve the issue. It's now or never.
Anthony Fernandes
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
It's what I've been saying since the outset! The Goa government is taking us for a long ride. The Karnataka Legislative Assembly election is scheduled to be held before May 2023 to elect all 224 members.

Giving in to genuine demands of Goa will spell doom for BJP in Karnataka.
Also, we have just two MPs, both useless, while there's plenty at stake for Karnataka BJP!

Sawant has struck a deal to save his chair! The sooner the people realise this the better. Forget the opposition, the people must now rise and launch an agitation like they did for language - unrelenting. Shut down Goa!
Dez Barreto
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
Every 3- or 4-months people of Goa lost peace because of not politicians its because of the voters who elected them without any knowledge of what will happen for the next 5 years during their term
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