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CM Pramod Sawant Must Get His Facts Right - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Jan 20, 2023
CM Pramod Sawant Must Get His Facts Right - By Aires Rodrigues
The statement by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant that it was for the first time in Goa’s history that the MLAs on January 16th tried to disrupt the Governor’s address is far from the truth. Pramod Sawant must go through the records of the Goa Legislative Assembly to see how the BJP MLAs behaved while in the Opposition. The manner in which on 10th January 2008 the then Governor S. C. Jamir was heckled by the BJP is all part of history. Less said the better on how the unruly BJP MLAs also attacked S.C Jamir’s official vehicle at the Raj Bhavan.
Whilst in the Opposition, the BJP vociferously demanded longer Assembly sessions while stalling the proceedings of the House was the order of the day. But now the sessions are being curtailed and the Opposition has to be at its best behaviour. The BJP should come to terms on the fact that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. It is high time Pramod Sawant realizes that he speaks as Chief Minister of Goa and should get all his facts spot on. Distorting the truth is cheap politics which will fool no one in today’s age.
There was absolutely nothing wrong in the Opposition demanding that Governor PS Sreedharan Pillai speak on the Madei which is currently the one most vital issue of concern to every Goan. It was incumbent for Governor Pillai to speak his mind on the issue that is worrying us all. Why couldn’t he gather courage and emulate Governors in the non-BJP ruled states who are not blindly towing the Government line.

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