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The Mask Has Fallen Off, Dhond’s Rotten Eggs Are Exposed – By Peter Fernandes
Wednesday - Jan 18, 2023
The Mask Has Fallen Off, Dhond’s Rotten Eggs Are Exposed – By Peter Fernandes
While North Goa is battling yearly water crises the North Goa’s Politicians from the 6 Talukas are sound asleep. there is a saying of Maria Antonetta if there is no bread, let them eat Cake. If there is No Madei water for drinking then have mineral water from the Himalayas.
Agitations opposing Coal transportation and double tracking in goa was hijacked by the Supari Supremo Migrant Tukaram from Kolhapur and his Uzzo gang. He was supported from Swindon’s 20 % commission agents who brainwashed the catholic community resulting in splitting of votes and a win for BJP. 

He was funded by non-other than BJP through his neighbour DHOND. He is the tool used to split votes and today his mask has fallen and he stands exposed as he intends to have a parallel save Madei movement in order to weaken the people’s movement. His reaction and exposure by his core group members proves beyond an iota of doubt that he is a toolkit and B team of BJP and RSS. 
Goans awaken as water is not restricted to a particular community or religion and don't fall prey to this migrant Tukaram who is employed by the CHOWKIDAARs Gang to skuttle this movement...Remember. United we stand and divided we fall.

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Thursday - Jan 19, 2023
I said this many many many times, that RG and Tokuram are Satish Dhond’s creation
Goan catlick seem to have their brains soaked in feni and choris pao, plus some tapeworms in their brains
Anyway, it’s up to them, to use what is left of their brains

As for Bab Ignatius praising his local MLA. In all religious books they say the devil comes in various disguises
Sometimes as a nubile 18 year old gal and sometimes as a beggar or sick person or sometimes as a very rich man. All to tempt you and fool you by playing on your emotions
RSS when the bjp was an ant , uses bebdo Atal Vajyapejee as a mukut or mask and grew to power. Today you see their real face, with Modi and Yogi ruling, hardline murderers
Same in Goa , when bjp was an ant, it used Parrikar to pally up with Calicks, Priests and mission salcete. Now it’s a tiger, Salcete is a dustbin with no ministers and cat licks are made pigs
Same with RG and this Viresh, as he’s popular with the youth, they have put him forward
end result is always the same, Catlick and minorities will suffer
tokli usaar kor
The devil or it’s agents, even if an 18 year old or some cute puppy needs to be CRUSHED
If your life is my death, better you die
Ignatius Dias/Agassaim
Thursday - Jan 19, 2023
We cannot trust our politicians. I had high regard to Adv. Carlos, Vijay, Yuri and Viresh just because they were giving harrowing time to BJP during the assembly session. Our St. Andre MLA Viresh is still better than his predecessor as far as performance is concerned.
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