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Political Prostitutes Must Perish From The Corridors Of Power - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
Goa Speaker Ramesh Tawadkar should swiftly decide the disqualification petitions against those eight Congress MLAs who jumped into the BJP while betraying the party on whose platform and manifesto they stood, won, and swore allegiance to. They also betrayed the voters who had reposed faith in them to serve them according to the party pledges
Goa Tourism Industry In A Super Mess - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Nov 22, 2022
The Government over the last many years has been needlessly squandering crores of rupees on organizing road shows across the world and within the country to promote Goa as a Tourist destination. It has been a misconceived waste of public funds and a free junket for the tourism minister and his entourage only further burdening
Road From Porvorim To Guirim Must Be Widened - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
With the MOPA airport set to commence operations soon, the government needs to take urgent and concrete steps to ease the major bottleneck from Porvorim to Guirim and ensure a free flow of traffic. As the proposed flyover on that stretch may take a decade or more, the authorities need to widen this stretch on a priority
CCP Has No Control On Their Contractor? – By Stephen Dias
Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
This is a clear cheating done by CCP Contractor on work entrusted to their Contractor for a drainage work near BAL BHAVAN. Many months back the public have seen quite number of cables protruding in the air near Bal Bhavan other side of road closer to Parade ground and when Panjimite and the vehicular drivers made noise quickly they closed the drain area
Casinos Cannot Be Above The Law - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Nov 20, 2022
The Traffic Police now vowing that the No Parking- No stopping on Panjim’s very busy Dayanand Bandodkar Marg would be enforced during IFFI exposes the obvious police nexus with the Casino lobby. Why enforcement only during IFFI when rules and regulations are to be enforced around the year and round the clock. Road traffic violations cannot be enforced
History & Heritage Of Our Ribandar Hospital Must Be Preserved - AIRES RODRIGUES
Friday - Jul 2, 2021
The betrayal by the government on the promised Healthcare facilities at the Old Ribandar Hospital will be an issue at the ensuing Assembly elections. It directly affects at least the three constituencies of Panjim, Santa Cruz and Cumbarjua. The CCP and the Panchayats of the other two constituencies have all passed unanimous resolutions demanding that full-
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