Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Restore Powers Of Goa’s FRRO - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Feb 28, 2024
Our Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant needs to be commended for promptly raising with the Central government the long-standing issue of Dual Citizenship, highlighting the grievances and hardships being faced by those opting for Portuguese Passports and while applying for OCI and about those Goans whose birth is registered in Portugal
Women Empowerment Must Be A Reality - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Feb 5, 2024
The law enacted for 33% reservation for Women in Assembly and Parliamentary elections has been a step in the right direction to encourage women to play their role in the political arena and to serve the society. Let us hope this law will be a reality soon. But a mockery should not be made of the good intentions of the lawmakers who framed the policy to encourage women
A Tragic And Untimely End To An Innocent Life - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Jan 20, 2024
It was devastating to hear about the recent smothering to death of a little four-year-old boy allegedly by his own elite mother. Very sadly the little boy who was born around the onset of COVID-19 didn't live to see the foundations of schooling or to achieve what aspirations life had in store for him
Dual Citizenship Already Exists In India - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Jan 14, 2024
It is laudable that Goa’s Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and our NRI Commissioner Adv. Narendra Sawaikar are now pursuing the issue of Dual Nationality with the Central Government. We can only hope that it will be resolved expeditiously. As Pondicherry, a Union Territory in South India allows Dual Nationality, why can’t the same yardstick be applied to
Sunday - Jan 14, 2024
Goenche Pedhe popularly known as Dudhpedde are unique in shape, composition and taste and colour as well. To the best of my information nothing is added to the milk except sugar as the milk is boiled and then heated till it turns into a thick paste. This thick paste is then rolled in hands which gives these a rhomboid
Those Bread Are Gone & Those Bakers are also Gone – By Arun Baba Naik
Thursday - Jan 11, 2024
ते पाव‌ गेले आनी ते पोदेरूय गेले was an adage prevalent in Goa of the good old days. Though literally it meant that the baked bread and its sellers/bakers (poder) are no longer there its real meaning was that things and customs of the good old days have changed. Because pao, undde, kanknna are still available and so also one can hear the iconic "penk penk"
The Time Is Ripe For Dual Citizenship - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Jan 8, 2024
The very long-standing demand for Dual Nationality by the Indian diaspora across the world remains unresolved. The recent statement by our External Affairs Minister Mr. S. Jaishankar that the issue is under consideration of the Central government is encouraging. The demand for Dual Nationality has been unanimous and having not been opposed by any quarter, the
2024 Gets To A Very Sad Start - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Jan 4, 2024
It was horrendous as Goa witnessed five young lives being snuffed away in various road accidents on New Year’s Day. The very tragic death of our Ribandar's young lad Ayush Harlankar was so very unfortunate. How many more lives will have to be lost for the authorities to act against the haphazard manner
New Year, New Beginnings, New Opportunities - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Jan 2, 2024
As another year comes to an end it is a time for reflection. 2023 was a year for taking tough decisions including a personal one on the domestic front, which I did very thoughtfully and with an open mind. One must never procrastinate but must confront every challenging situation in life
Saturday - Dec 23, 2023
For the sake of the health and well-being of the people the authorities must ensure that our parks and public gardens are in good shape. Everything possible must be done for the regular and proper upkeep of existing parks with appropriate flora, fauna, and facilities to benefit all like with park benches and conveniences before venturing into new ones
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