Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Dear Readers, our site was hacked for a while. TWO days back there were 48 attacks on the site.
Farcical Assembly Sessions - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 21, 2022
It is deplorable that the ensuing session of the Goa Legislative Assembly is again going to be a very brief one, a mere four days just to comply with the constitutional requirement that gap between the two sessions of legislature of the state cannot be more than six months. The BJP whilst in the opposition vociferously demanded longer sessions
India’s Women Are Haunted By A Sexual Violence Epidemic – By Joe Wallen
Tuesday - Dec 20, 2022
Like so many women in India, Sunita has been groped in public. Her experience is a common one: she was sexually assaulted on a bus as she travelled to work in Delhi. After a few minutes into the journey, she felt a man pressing his body against hers. His breath was heavy on her neck, but Sunita could not
Tuesday - Dec 20, 2022
Culture is defined as a set of rules for normal human conduct in any given set of circumstances and the behavior members of that group can expect from others. Broadly, culture encompasses customs, norms, beliefs, values, knowledge, folkways, mores, and skills that guide a people’s behavior along shared pathways
Asit To Probe Land Grabbing By Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar - By Aires Rodrigues
Monday - Dec 19, 2022
Goa’s Director General of Police Jaspal Singh has directed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) at the Crime Branch to probe the complaint against Mandrem MLA Jit Arolkar of having grabbed land admeasuring 1,48,800.00 sq. mtrs situated at Village Dhargal in Pernem of which Mapusa based Rawloo Khalap currently residing
My First Employers - Cesar & Mimi - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 18, 2022
As a school student, I was one amongst those selected by the Panjim Jaycee Club for their summer job programme aimed to motivate young students. Under that project ‘Earn while you Learn’ I was placed at Cesar Menezes’s pharma outlet in Panjim. It was a learning experience promoting cosmetic products and toiletries
Life Should Aim To Serve Society - By Aires Rodrigues
Saturday - Dec 17, 2022
In life it’s not how long we live but how fulfilling the journey has been. We will not be remembered by the quantum of wealth and materialistic things that we have acquired and amassed but for the social goodwill that we have achieved. Every day has to be a day that we have been able to contribute something worthy to society however small it may be
Conspiracy Against Cristiano Ronaldo Has Let Our Country Down – By Menino Fernandes
Saturday - Dec 17, 2022
Watching the world cup was very interesting and with a keen interest I was more on our country Portugal progressing forward when suddenly, the whole dream shattered and we got thrown out by just one goal at the expense of keeping Cristiano Ronaldo out by the uncouth Fernando Santos. Some players like Felix Joao were in fact out of place, which created more
Our Human Rights Are Sacrosanct - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 16, 2022
On 10th December while the world observed Human Rights Day, hopefully we have all vowed to selflessly make our Goa a better place where Human rights are not a privilege of just a few but a rightful liberty entitled to every single Human. It is appalling that this awfully Power intoxicated government pays scant respect to the orders passed
Clinical Nutrition - By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula Goa
Thursday - Dec 15, 2022
One person mentioned that what is the simplest logic makes the most sense, which prompted me to apply it to our lives. In fact, the most basic aspect of life is food and nutrition. So it is thus prudent that your nutrition through the three times that you consume food, that is breakfast, lunch and dinner, should contains
The BJP’s Gross Abuse Of Power - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 15, 2022
Goa has witnessed Governments under various regimes but the abuse of Power by the BJP is unparalleled. It extends to anything and everything. Every rule and established protocol being brazenly breached. The Goa Legislature Secretariat issues stickers to be used by MLAs on their vehicles. But they have reportedly
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