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Traffic Mayhem Outside GMC At Bambolim Must Be Resolved - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 29, 2022
Poor road engineering is a cause for many accidents. The authorities need to act to remedy the situation and save precious lives at such accident-prone junctions across the State. A glaring example is the long pending mess at the Goa Medical College (GMC) junction in Bambolim where lack of signages is the major challenge in particular
Walking Along The New Bridges – By Arun Baba Naik
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
The only bridge in Goa on which I have walked is Borim bridge. This was necessary somewhere in 70's as one of its pillars was hit by a barge and loaded buses weren't allowed to cross. So, we had to get down at one end, walk the bridge and then get back into the same bus. When Atal Setu was inaugurated
The New Zuari Bridge Is Ready But Awaits Santa Claus - By Aires Rodrigues
Wednesday - Dec 28, 2022
A government that is people centric and public oriented should do everything possible to alleviate any hardship faced by its citizens. Currently it is a nightmare for people traveling between North and South Goa due to the serpentine queues of vehicles around Cortalim
Roadside Hoardings & Posters Are A Nuisance - By Aires Rodrigues
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
The authorities are duty bound to stringently enforce every law without fear or favour. But sadly this has not been happening in the State of Goa with the burden cast on our High Court to monitor the enforcement of various laws and regulations. One such issue that the High Court has been monitoring is of all
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
Culture is defined as a set of rules for normal human conduct in any given set of circumstances and the behaviour members of that group can expect from others. Broadly, culture encompasses customs, norms, beliefs, values, knowledge, folkways, mores, and skills that guide a people’s
Taco Bell – By Stephen Dias, Dona Paula
Tuesday - Dec 27, 2022
A newly opened restaurant namely TACO BELL which is in the midway from Miramar to Hotel Mandovi is not having adequate parking facilities. I saw people parking in opposite road footpath and entering this restaurant TACO Bell for eating the snacks. Also, there is another 5-star restaurant some few metres away called Mac Donald also having no parking facilities
A Very Unholy Start To The Goa State Research Foundation - By Aires Rodrigues
Sunday - Dec 25, 2022
In July this year the Goa Legislative Assembly hurriedly passed the Goa State Research Foundation Bill 2022 after which this Act was notified but not the rules yet as required by law. Despite this Prof. M. K. Janarthanam, a retired professor of Goa University has been appointed as Chairman of this newly established Goa State Research Foundation and
Those Eight Defectors Languishing In Political Purgatory - By Aires Rodrigues
Friday - Dec 23, 2022
That those eight Congress MLAs who joined the BJP on 14th September are being repeatedly snubbed by their new Party comes as no surprise. As expected, they are being treated as political excreta and will be always considered as strangers in the saffron outfit, having to always endure the step motherly treatment and sheer rebuff
No Law Should Ever Be Breached - By Aires Rodrigues
Thursday - Dec 22, 2022
At the last Goa Assembly elections, in a total collapse in the administration, we witnessed a blatant defacement of public property across the State. The defacement of public property began months before even the elections were announced. It was a sheer display of political wealth and absolute arrogance by all political
Important Lesson To Learn For Taxi Business In Goa & For Govt – By Sachin Gaukar
Wednesday - Dec 21, 2022
I landed at Bangalore International Airport. It was way past midnight. Like a routine, I walked towards Airport Taxi. Surprisingly, there was no queue at all. The drivers pointed out to a cab towards the end. I was miffed. One of the persons came up to me and asked, “Ma’am- single lady passenger? That pink taxi is for you
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